27 thoughts on “A Challenge to Muslim Terrorist Sympathisers #LondonBridge #Manchester

  1. Alaslamu alaykom brother
    Can you make a video about Palestine and what criticisms do you have for the Muslims over there. Where there are some Muslims target the non combatants. And are ex soldiers are non combatants? Also what is your view about Muslim suicide bombings in a war?

  2. Very good video.

    I've been having a lot of trouble trying to explain this to online islamophobes online! There is so much misinformation and ignorance around.

    Brother, can you try to debate with Christian apologist David Wood? He needs to be handled

  3. People who commit those horrible acts are just ignorants full of hatred toward the west and toward all humanity

  4. brother hijab it would all make sense if the world was only consist of religious boundaries and not countrys.
    how do do you explain all this in todays nation centric world.
    and thats why its easy for extremists to misinterpret however they want.

  5. We need more videos like this as vulnerable muslims are being misguided by Hollywood style ISIS movies rather than actually learning the correct way of Islam

  6. excellent video. brief but emphatic.. however, plz continue to cover the deviance of the khawaarij like you did in this video, baarakAllaahu feeka

  7. have you seen abdullah sameers videos? please could you do a video discussing the issues he brings up, there are many he talk about

    thank you and jazakallah in advance

  8. Inshallah more brothers and sisters will get behind a movement to do as you are doing and really weed out these nut jobs that are hurting the Ummah ….. time to put these extremists away…. they are not our people …… they are cowards !!!! Well said ….may Allah protect us…

  9. From a Shia Brother much respect and thanks for putting this video to help people who don't understand and educating them.

  10. What if the attacks are false flags and there is some evidence sugggest that, am I still an extremist trying to find out where there are unanswered questions because all I'm seeing nowadays are people fighting islam and trying to divide it into moderate and extremists where moderates accept anything and extremists are ones who question!

  11. extremely interesting video. I am an atheist who was raised secular Christian but I am trying to learn more about Islam since it is such a prevalent topic in recent years.

    I've seen different perspectives and that Islam can be both beautiful and scary, much like other religions

    the concept of the 'state of war' being constant seems right on the money. while they are still interpreting the religious texts, others such as yourself interpret it in a completely different way

    personally I prefer the term 'anti Muslim bigotry' over Islamophobia but either way, I always get into arguments when people insist that Islam cannot be interpreted in a positive way BC it's simply not true.

    again thank you for this excellent video

  12. Great video brother. May I know what's your stand on the Imams in UK don't want to perform funeral prayer on the attackers?

  13. its up to the moderate, rational Muslims to change the course of sunni Islam and its important us non-believers dont get to behind him because people in his community will label him an "uncle tom" type figure. Keep up the good work

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