21 thoughts on “ABC & NBC News (3-29-10) – Hutaree the Christian Militia/Terrorist Group

  1. it would cause a giant uprising…against THEM! they think t hey are high and mighty "christians" but the truth is, they are no different than the taliban!

  2. Christ once said to people who wanted him to punish people and destroy them by fire to which he replied the Son of man comes to save lives, not to take them.

  3. I am not trying to slander you, if that is what you thing. My reply is not saying that you are biased, it never even addressed whose fascism you condemn. Mind you, God is a dictator himself, but not exactly a fascist as he has granted free will to all of his children, even angels.

  4. Radical fringe preachers have to be exposed, especially by members of their own religous backgrounds. However, true religious beliefs and a secular government are not compatible. Moderate muslims and christians must condemn extremists, but without forsaking the teachings of their faiths. In otherwords, muslims and christians cannot cherry-pick what verses of scripture that they wish to listen to or we will be just like the extremists that we criticize. Unfortunately, so many do just that.

  5. Try advocating for the seperation of Mosque and State, which by your logic is impossible because muslims are not christians and must have the same rights as christians in America.

  6. Have you ever wondered that not everything is politically-motivated? I am a christian and I know that the republican party is not much better than the democratic party in terms of ethics.

  7. Because terrorsm is the use of violence to achieve a political goal such as those of Jihadists. The Hutaree militia was non-partisan as it saw itself as survivalists, just as I am. However, I doubt that they read Revelation Chapter 13 where it says that the Anti-Christ will overcome the saints, so it is pointless to openly defy him. The current government is not the Kingdom of the Beast as we are suffering from a $15 debt, rising poverty and unemployment. It will destroy itself.

  8. Your liberal version of seperation of church and state is typical of modern politics: religious views must not influence public policy. The constitutional version states that the congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. In other words, the government cannot force american citizens to convert to a state-controlled religion such as the Church of England, which was simply invented so that King Edward VIII could marry Anne Boyle.

  9. CONVICTED IN THE PRESS, even though the prosecution was practically laughed out of court in the arraignment. And now the case has been THROWN OUT for being nothing but BULLSHIT. Hooray for Obama, Holder, and Napolitano and their war against Christians who don't like Leftists.

  10. im proud of my country everytime one these milita groups are attacked and killed i just think about thier faimlys crying sweet tears:)

  11. @NotSoOldHippy Im a christian I dont rape childeren what are you talking about there is a difference from claiming to be a christian and being one! people claim to me christian but live like the devil everyday..dont put every christian in one category because its not right! youll be the type when they start arresting all the christians for just having the title to put me and my family in prison for no crime its wrong wrong wrong and you need to rethink your values

  12. Woe to the fat sheperds;

    How is this Christ like(Which is the definition of a Christian)?

    These men are no more Christian than Glenn Beck is someone who tell you the truth. If you are in the militia get out because guns can't save you from nukes! Only the blood of the perfect sacrifice made by Jesus Christ can assuage Gods righteous anger and Holy justice.

  13. @twiztedkkm84 …Is there any other information you can give us to shed more light on this group? You can reply here or to my youtube mail.

  14. you dam idiots how can you say on the news as fundamental christians,Brothers this is it in the last day we will be acused for something that didnt even came in our minds,how can those idiot terrists say we are christians,and the stupid news realy beleive those idiots to be christians,there is no such a thing in the bible that christians should fight for Jesus.our fight is spiritual fight,and not agains flesh..

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