Angry Politics. Planned Parenthood Terror & Stupidity

If you don’t like politics or are easily offended/ can’t handle other peoples opinions, please don’t watch this video.

A rant about the Domestic Terror attack on Planned Parenthood and the idiocy that followed.

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5 thoughts on “Angry Politics. Planned Parenthood Terror & Stupidity

  1. I thought this was going to be boring. On the contrary it was really good and I enjoyed listening even though I am not USA citizen.

  2. As an outsider looking in, the Presidential race looks pretty weak to say the least. There is a large portion of either extremism or complete ignorance in U.S politics. The problem in the U.K is people just don't give a fuck enough. Most people vote for whoever their parents told them to growing up or they just don't vote at all, then moan about the outcome.

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