5 thoughts on “Anti-Immigrant Protesters Gather in Brussels at Memorial for Terrorist Attack

  1. The left is good at labels. Until we get used to getting called names, they will play us like a cheap instrument.

    They are literally butchering us like cattle, and we are scared of a few mean words. My friend, this is one of the few times in life, when it's good to hate. You are supposed to hate savages who marry little girls in their hundreds of millions, or kill gays, decapitate apostates, and so on. Wear their insults like a badge of pride.

  2. a bit to late you already been invaded by muslims everywhere you see muslims in non islamic states its all always like this wake the fk up ban the terrorist before they invade your country

  3. Why protest at this memorial? Go protest at a mosque and call for the Islamic leaders to speak and condemn the actions of ISIS and other Islamic terror groups. Call for them to hold their brothers and sisters accountable for their terrible crimes against humanity. Where are these so called leaders of the so called religion of peace? Go there, protesters! Find these damn Islamic leaders. It's time for them to answer to the dead.

  4. So you are a hooligan for protecting your home from bloodsucking mouthy muslim bastards ?????? They are just there so your governments get more liberal votes look at Obama watching a baseball game and giving money to a communist dictator while Europe burns because he's a fu…in muslim. Show the world Europe fight for your people throw these bastards goat banging welfare loud mouth hunk of shits out its never going to work there unsivilized.

  5. as sson as people speak out against immigrants they are hooligans and chant for violence , but when muslims go out in the cities of europe and ask for sharia and the "beheading of infidels" they are a peaceful protest … whatever

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