AP cover of northwest locations where anti-terror raids led to 12 arrests

(9 Apr 2009)
1. Sign on campus at John Moores University
2. Wide shot, university library
3. Sign: Liverpool John Moores University
4. Pan from students’ union building to library
5. Sign: ‘Liverpool Students Union’
6. Tilt down from walkway to university building
7. Sign: ‘Aldham Robarts Learning Resources Centre’ (the university library)
8. Mid shot, library
9. Upper floor of library
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Chris Conway, eyewitness
“We were on the top floor of the library and there was a load of screaming and shouting outside. Nobody really paid much attention, and then a couple of minutes later someone sat by a window said ‘you know there’s someone outside with a gun’, and the entire floor shifted by one of the windows to have a look, and we could see a chap down here with a gun telling people to stay back. So we were wondering what was going on, and then over the PA system one of the library staff told us to keep away from the windows and that there was a major operation going on outside.”
11. Police approaching door of number 36 Galsworthy Avenue, in Cheetham Hill area, pull out to wide shot of house
12. Police outside door of house
13. Close shot, number 36 on door
14. Police outside door of house
15. Mid shot, mosque that arrested man used to go to, according to his neighbour
16. Wide shot, mosque
17. Close shot sign: ‘Al-Falah Islamic Centre’
18. Wide shot, police outside Cyber Net Cafe
19. Tilt down from Cyber Net Cafe sign to police outside cafe
Britain’s top counterterrorism officer resigned from London’s Metropolitan Police on Thursday, one day after his major security blunder forced police to bring forward a major operation in northern England.
As a result, British police on Wednesday arrested 12 men in a series of anti-terror raids involving hundreds of officers across northwest England.
The arrests were triggered after Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick was photographed entering Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office on Wednesday morning holding a dossier on which details of an ongoing intelligence operation were visible.
A photographer took a photograph and was able to magnify the photograph to reveal details of the secret document, which gave details of a major anti-terror operation in northern England, including names of terror suspects.
Students witnessed one police raid at Liverpool’s John Moores University.
Student Chris Conway witnessed the arrest from the university library, known as the Aldham Robarts Learning Resources Centre.
He said library staff told students to stay back from the windows as there was a “major operation going on outside”.
Police also searched several properties, including an Internet cafe, in the working-class Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, which has a large south Asian community.
Greater Manchester Police said the suspects were detained under the Terrorism Act at eight addresses in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool and the surrounding area, about 200 miles (320 kilometres) northwest of London.
Police said the suspects ranged in age from a youth in his mid-teens to a 41-year-old man but would not give any details of the alleged plot.
The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that most of those arrested were Pakistani nationals but the Associated Press had no independent confirmation of this.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the country’s top law-and-order official, said she and the prime minister had been kept informed about the raids, but stressed that the decision to carry out the raids had been “an operational decision for the police and the security services”.
On Thursday Quick handed in his resignation over the major security blunder which forced police to bring forward the operation in northern England.

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