25 thoughts on “Barcelona police: Van crash is likely a ‘terrorist attack’

  1. I think they found a big group of them near Ireland so I think Ireland is also on lockdown I live in Great Britain

  2. ban islam in general and if you're american british whatever and wanna be muslim fuck off to a muslim country and blow eachother up….its hard not to say u hate muslims now there scum

  3. Stop islamic immigration NOW !!! Europe – WAKE UP!

    I ask you – european muslims – what will you do about it?
    You only repeat "Islam is religion of peace"
    You know what? F*ck you!!!
    You should demonstrate and fight against those f*cking terrorists!

  4. Hey i got that vest! Good to see thar laws got protection.God blessWe must fight all muslims til they all dead and prevent terrorists.

  5. Fuck foxnews you liars, this is another intelligence agency staged fake psyop. mi5, mi6, pick one. foxnews CNN BBC msnbc ABC CBS skynews are tools of intelligence agencies. fake fake fake.
    All you foxnews ass kissers who don't believe me, google the law that was passed by Obama that allows the US government to propagandise it's own citizens I dare you to google it. And there is no difference between Obama and Trump or Bush and Clinton all intelligence agency stooges. WAKE UP

  6. How is this different than the Terrorists attack by Alt Right/ KKK/ NAZI/ White Supremacists in Charlottesville? These Terrorists are all the same and MUST be wiped from the Earth, like the Disease that they are and have always been. Kill them and anyone that supports these Terrorists.

  7. Fuck the Islamists! This religion preaches death and destruction! For a new holy war !! Close the fronties

  8. I wonder when it's going to be how many innocent lives have to be destroyed so a Muslim is allowed to run over good people y'all need to wake up it's going to be your kid your husband your wife that gets ground to death and then I wonder how much you're going to love your muslims

  9. Trump certainly didn't wait two days to condemn this "terror" attack":

    "The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!"

    (DT; 17August2017; 11:00 EDT)

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