Birmingham terror plotters wanted ‘another 9/11’

CPS counter terrorism prosecutor Karen Jones says bomb plotters were “dangerous
men with dangerous aspirations” who could potentially have caused “huge loss of life”.

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21 thoughts on “Birmingham terror plotters wanted ‘another 9/11’

  1. talked 2 much. Didnt just do it. Having a gang of 8 others means a big crowd and info leaks.

  2. Bombing, hatred and bloodshed. Is that the message of Islam ? Sounds like bad news. Good thing these guys are being dealt with. God be praised ! As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we fear no evil !

  3. No, you don't know and neither do I, we only know what we're told on both sides. But that doesn't alter the fact that some misguided fools do try to get in on the act and if they manage it people are going to be killed or maimed…..

  4. 7/7 was the same as thing as these scum were planning but they were better at it and succeeded. It was not some grand CIA plot, it was 4 British born men who decided to be suicide bombers and killed and injured innocent people in the process…..

  5. Class A building that was 50 story…a coalition of 1300 architects and civil engineers have all come forward and said even the buildings that were hit by a plane shouldn't of collapse like a demolition site it's impossible…and building 7 was a 50 story building it was the building that housed CIA FBI and NSA where they planned and concocted the whole was the equivalent of shredding the watergate hotel ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The whole war on terror may well have been a con job but it inspires idiots like these to attempt to kill and injure large numbers of people. These three goons might or might not have ever managed it but the intent was there and there are others for whom the intent is there. The bombers on 7/7 managed it, we need to stop the others before they manage it also…..

  7. @Dolly Dimple Riddle me this… Flight #93 no dbris field just left over parts from a drone… Three buildings drop at free fall speed ? Two planes ? Building #7 wasn't hit by a plane but it drops at free fall speed, class a building concrete and steel construction…YouTube – (pentagon CCTV cameras missile) you'll see it was an obvious missle hit no plane debris obviously haven't done any research cause you ignorance shows ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. These are three blokes born and brought up in Birmingham who while being extremely stupid, were also dangerous enough to have decided they were going to blow themselves up and cause carnage. You may pontificate about Dow Jones,etc but these were idiots who sought notoriety by planning to cause carnage, not part of some world plan…..

  9. 7/7 was the work of scum like these, you bloody idiot. Keep your conspiracy theories over there and leave the British to deal with real threats such as these bastards…..

  10. Prescott Bush owned Imperial oil supplied hitlers war machine throughout entire war with gas and oil !!! Why didnt Hitler attack Switzerland when they shared borders where all the gold and wealth is kept? Cause his masters and relatives the Rothschilds ruled from Geneva ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. False flag ops have been going on since the dawn of time google Gulf of Tonkin!! Started Vietnam US gov admits it was false war…like every war … Japan attacks pearl harbor cause the Rothschilds cuts Japan of BIS system sanctions create wars !!

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