CHINA AND RUSSIA hold joint military drill 2013 US military not happy

Russian-Chinese anti-terror drills are in full swing with the latter’s tanks and gunships training at a military range in the Urals. It comes less than a month after joint naval drills, the largest of their kind China has participated in to date.

The joint counter-terror exercises, codenamed Peace Mission 2013, went live on Saturday and will last until August 15.

“The key goal of the upcoming maneuvers is to organize the joint work by control authority and troops to prepare and conduct military actions during the anti-terrorist operation. The maneuvers will take place in three stages, which include the re-deployment of troops, the planning of the operation and joint military actions,” a military press release said.

Maneuvers have been prepared by the United Strategic Command of the Russian Central Military District and the Shenyang Military Region of the People’s Liberation Army of China.
The drills at the Chebarkul military training area in the Chelyabinsk region involve 1,500 personnel, 600 of whom are Chinese servicemen. Overall 250 pieces of military hardware are taking part in the exercises, as Chinese troops brought along their own tanks, light reconnaissance vehicles, 120-mm self-propelled howitzers, 152-mm self-propelled guns, JH-7A ‘Flying leopard’ fighter-bombers and Harbin Z-9 gunships and Mi-171 transport helicopters.

The distance between Shenyang Military Region and the Chebarkul military range is well over 4,000 kilometers. While Chinese troops and armored vehicles were delivered to the training area in Russia’s Urals by railway, the helicopters and fighter jets covered the distance with a number of refueling landings. The logistical challenges were demonstrated by Chinese gunships and transport helicopters – accompanied by Russian Mi-8 military helicopters – which had to stop eight times to reach the Chebarkul range. It has been reported that all the combat systems and munitions aboard the Chinese aircrafts remained deactivated during their flight through Russian airspace.
On August 1 a Chinese task force deployed to Russia celebrated the birthday of the People’s Liberation Army of China while training with Russian servicemen.

“We’re glad that both countries have a high level of mutual trust. We’re not competitors, but we’re partners. Trust between the two countries became the unique feature of the Peace Mission,” Shi Xiangyuan, deputy chief of staff of the Shenyang Military Region of the People’s Liberation Army, told ITAR-TASS news agency on Saturday.
“We’re pleased that we are conducting the exercises in the military district which hosts 40 percent of Russia’s armed forces. I’m sure that the Peace Mission 2013 will yield results. This is a new stage of military cooperation between the Chinese and Russian armies,” the Chinese military said, stressing that strategic cooperation between the Russian and Chinese armies had reached an unprecedented level in the recent years.
While preparing for the exercise, Russia and China held three conferences and also conducted reconnaissance operations. The Russian military group is led by deputy chief of staff of the Central Military District Major-General Sergey Chuvakin. China’s group is under the command of the deputy chief of staff of the Shenyang Military Region Zhang Yan.
The joint command of Peace Mission 2013 involves 60 Russian and Chinese staff officers. The ground operation portion of the drill will be performed by a battalion task group and Chinese tactical units. A united air group, including bombers and gunships, will provide air support for the ground forces.
At a media conference that introduced the exercises, Shi Xiangyang relayed to reporters a Chinese proverb, saying “We don’t seek to be number one, but we seek perfection.”

Just like the Russian army, the People’s Liberation Army of China is undergoing technical and structural reforms right now. Joint exercises like Peace Mission 2013 are called with an eye to helping both armies to strive as close to perfection as possible.

Source RT (Russia Today)

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28 thoughts on “CHINA AND RUSSIA hold joint military drill 2013 US military not happy

  1. "U.S. military not happy" Really? What a joke. The U.S. said nothing about this exercise, in fact the U.S. just sits back and watch the cute show going on while moving around 70 modern destroyers, 72 nuclear-powered submarines, 22 cruisers, and 11 aircraft carriers – that carry the world's largest air force in navy alone without even mentioning the U.S. Air Force – all over the world. Russia and China always wished they had the Superpower status while leading the world as a world leader. America keeps Russia and China at bay easily with the $600 billion defense spending. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.

    God bless the United States of America.

  2. Никогда не понимал вас, ребята, но спасибо за дешевое шматье )))

  3. to the world,we the usa know we have problems,but if you are not one of us stay out of here causing trouble,we will fix our broken gov,its really none of your business,if you knew we had criminals running the game you shouldn't have played,we will fix what is broken,don't come over here picking fights,we are the most armed nation on earth,we will clean up our own backyard,you do the same,when the world is a safer place maybe we can do business again,with different men at the decisions

  4. Fuck the Obama regime . Fuck the NAZI DHS and FEMA CORP followed by the BATFE and NSA and TSA ICE ICCA . GOD BLESS THE CONFEDRACY. MAY THE SOUTH RISE AGAIN .

  5. everyone's hating on america but I can't wait until the time comes for us to yet again prove our militaristic strength like we have time and time again in the past. command and conquer, bitches. come at us 

  6. You guys are all spewing hatred on America,but could China be were it is without America and vise versa?
    You guys all say the U.S. is fascist but if I recall correctly Russia stole its own peoples land to set up a faulty Winter Olympic games and the people who got land stolen ad the tax payers never got reimbursed for the land and money stolen.

  7. +USAAIRPOWER Russia doesn't like NATO drills cos those are conducted near Russian sovereign borders and those drills are conducted with countries openly hostile to Russia. Russians had very bitter experience with their western neighbors throughout history. And political deals and agreements meant shit. You'd hate it if Russia came to Mexico and conducted life fire drills with Mexicans in combined arms assault training. When Russia and China conduct drills deep within Russian territory USA doesn't like it despite it being FAR from US borders. Sit on your ass and stay quiet in your beloved USA. 

  8. Yes American Bullies time to shit yourself they will be put in their place soon Russian and Chinese Army need to bend them over already

  9. who knows one day USA may join Russian-Chinse naval drills in the future. Pacific is wide open sea. USA has no defense line except japan. with now aday technology Japan can be totally destroy in the first wave.

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  12. shit is gonna hit the fan soon. in my small canadian city this mornong I saw a couple tank looking things driving down oyr main street.. they were doing drills aswell ..the last time I saw any military in the town was before they went to iraq the first time

  13. This is not the norm but America would recognize The power of Chinese as they can feel it now but Americans are in denial, they are still stuck on world war 2 mentality.

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  15. Obama a naïve liberal democrat running America taking from our military and nuclear arsenal. I don't see the US beating Russia or China when with leaders like Obama literally I don't see us winning. We are weaker in America with democratic presidents just weaker. So there's a chance that Russia and China could win. Yeah we still have some nuclear bombs but how long will it be before another democrat takes the rest of our arsenal. dumb democrats have no idea how evil China and Russia are.

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