Dad Comforts Son After Paris Terrorist Attacks | What’s Trending Now

One French journalist captured a dad comforting his child after the Paris terrorist attacks. Subscribe to our channel!


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Jay Walker:

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19 thoughts on “Dad Comforts Son After Paris Terrorist Attacks | What’s Trending Now

  1. ——-WATCHING THIS FOOTAGE, I must state, the child's way of thinking is crystal-clear right before getting brainwashed by European-socialists who are utterly helpless and they do not know why they had overpowered themselves all of them! ————————-

  2. He's making is 4 year old son feel better about the whole situation and basically telling him not to be scared and that France sticks together, he's a great dad!

  3. Flowers cant win againts terrorism, lets be fucking real about this. This is sweet and all but hes living in a dream, flowers didn't stop the nazis thats for sure or any other evil.

  4. You might be laughing but here in Portugal we used carnations to end the dictatorship and the colonial wars back in 1974. Flowers can win wars 🙂

  5. This such a huge coincidence! In my class, we were learning how to speak French and went to Paris on Google Maps to check it out, right before the attack on Paris!

  6. The flowers symbolize love. The dad is trying to teach that love conquers all. The terrorists teach the opposite. Which one are you?

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