Dead bodies on street terrorist attack Nice France 18+

A truck has struck a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice, with reports of many dead.
The incident took place on the famous Promenade des Anglais during a firework display, media reports say.
One image on Twitter showed about a dozen people lying on the street, some being tended to.
The local prefecture has urged people in the area to remain indoors, calling the incident “an attack”.
Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that “a lorry driver appears to have killed dozens of people”.
He urged residents to stay indoors.
Some reports spoke of shots being exchanged between police and the occupants of the lorry but these have not been confirmed.
Social media video showed people running through the streets in panic following the incident.
A journalist with the Nice Matin newspaper reported from the scene that there was “a lot of blood and without doubt many injured”.
An Agence France-Presse reporter said the incident took place as the firework display was ending, adding: “We saw people hit and bits of debris flying around.”

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39 thoughts on “Dead bodies on street terrorist attack Nice France 18+

  1. Je ne comprends pas comment certaines personnes peuvent prétendre que c'est faux, que ce n'est pas réel. Il y a eu plus de 400 blessés et 86 personnes sont mortes ce soir là, dont 10 enfants. Un peu de respect pour eux !

  2. The extremists keep going on about the Christian Crusaders 800 years ago. It's about time the 21st Century Crusaders united and wiped out this hateful, barbaric and ancient cancer from the earth.

  3. This is WHY AMERICA NEEDS TRUMP! These people are in our country's to DESTROY ANYONE who does not believe as they do. These people DO NOT value life. Listen to miss Brigette Gabriel… She survived these Muslim scumbags efforts to kill her and her family.

  4. False Flag.
    Very badly executed. Have the art directors of this charade ever seen a truck and a human body meet? Obviously not.

  5. If the west would show once in a month a stoning live from Saudi Arabia or the hanging of homosexuals in Iran, Islam would lose many supporters. These attacks happen because many of the left-wing liberals lost their common sense. Khomeini killed afterwards all the liberals which made the revolution in 1979. They were useful idiots.
    Poland, Hungary, Slowakia and Tchechia refuse to take muslim refugees.
    Guess what?
    The african nation Angola has banned the islam and destroyed the existing mosques three years ago, when radicals showed there up.

  6. We all have a right to a belief. They are not bad, If you say Muslims are bad I will get you banned from here. I am a Christian. And believe in ALIENS. I believe in our GOD who is the LORD of all of us.

  7. The french should learn from Hollywood.
    Ridiculous looking dummies and in no way resembling being hit by a truck.
    So fuck this shit and fuck the dummies that believe this crap.

  8. Hmm strange the video quality is bad only on this footage :))). Seems like a camera from a phone from 2000. I guess the quality of the video is "random". Nice mannequins though. For those who have seen a real blood, it should be much much darker, but I guess these "people" have different special blood. Next time, try harder to stage this.

  9. im not muslim, im agnostic and even before seeing this, i know its bad. but we cannot say that one religion or a group of people are bad just because a few decided to be fucktards. come on, catholics did damadge 200 years of slavery and said it was right, does that make all christians bad? yeah its in the past but still 10 years from now it will be 10 years ago. RIP, but there are others dying in war, musims dying and hindus, and bhuddist, but no one seem to keep an eye on that?

  10. this is a hoax, fake blood, dummies and crisis actors, all looking at the camera for their 15 mins of fame, ridiculous

  11. Don't say fuck jews or something like that. Say: FUCK that guys that want to explode everything and kill everyone just for funny! Maybe there are jew people or islam people with a good heart, maybe! I'm getting tired of the human race… This SOULDN'T be this way. WHY? It's all I ask. Why this is funny?… Sometimes I wanna live in the Moon…

  12. Actuall cunt fuck them all swear man this is so bad 1 more I'm fucking finding them them I will hit them with a fucking truck fucking cunts

  13. What's more sick than this? Fucking Americans that want to bring these people into our country!!! Fuck you filthy liberals!!!!

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