EXPOSED: Insider Proves CAIR is a Terror Group! | Louder With Crowder

We interview Chris Gaubatz, a Christian, who faked a conversion to Islam in order to do an undercover internship with CAIR, a U.S. based “Islamic Relations” organization. Chris exposes all he learned while working for CAIR and their direct ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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21 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Insider Proves CAIR is a Terror Group! | Louder With Crowder

  1. FACT: Islam is NOT a religion.
    FACT: Islam is a Godless, apostate murdering death cult, DISGUISED as a religion.
    FACT: Muhammad was a FALSE Prophet and Allah is a pagan moon god!
    FACT: Jews and Christians DENY that Muhammad was an Abrahamic Prophet of God!
    FACT: The koran is a forgery. It was copied from the Holy Bible.

  2. its the crAP Live your live the Gov. and oh we the people have not a leg to stand on crocks the senate. its not for we the people.

  3. It seems those that are willing to work with Islam really don't understand that even if they win their goals they will be swiftly taken out by Islam and either be under Sharia, be slaves to Islam or dead. There will be no cooperation between Islam and any other religion, group or political party period because Islam doesn't play well with others.

  4. Searching for mosques and fighting Muslim sharia in my area. Worked investigator in the 2008 Richardson Tx trial. Don't ask won't tell

  5. If this dude isn't dead by now, he sadly will be soon because he knows too much, and has the proof for all of it.
    To be honest, I'm surprised cair, Hamas, and the Clinton foundation hasn't killed him yet……. =/

  6. I first heard through 2 Canadian army commanders about Jihad and the threat of Islamification about 14 years ago – I didn't hear a peep from anyone else and couldn't believe it. It took from then in 2001 until 2016 for me to comprehend they were telling me the truth, but I had to see it with my own eyes to understand. I also realize now that the government and media had been infiltrated, and there was and is a systematic global effort to hide and suppress the truth. Hopefully now, with the proof all around us, more and more people's eyes will be opened in the West. These people need to be kicked out and sent packing back to where they came from and in the case of traitors, to jail or execution.

  7. Islam says they will dominate the world. Maybe?….The Bible says there will be a one world religion (worship of the beast), one world money system (mark of the beast), and one world ruler (the anti Christ, a.k.a. The beast). Although no one knows for sure who or what it will be it sure looks like Bible prophecy is falling into place doesn't it? It is prophesied that Christians (saints) will lose the battle but will win the war. The saints don't win because the saints fight but because Jesus himself in all his glory fights as we watch.
    •Isaiah 63: 1-6
    •Revelation 13: 6-18
    •Revelation 19:11-16

  8. Based on the fruits of what they spew, CAIR is simply another "Islamic American Congress" false front. DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT A TOTALLY FALSE DEEP STATE FRONT WHEN THEY DEMAND AMERICAN MONUMENTS TO BE TORN DOWN.

    Muslims don't give two hoots about American monuments. BUT THE JEWS DO, and it was the Jews who were fronting the Islamic American congress, obviously, to garner public support for "shock and awe". Do not let the Jews get away with petitioning and using false fronts to destroy one of the last vestiges of American heritage – the monuments that remain. They have been destroying them for decades, removing wonderful monuments that used to be everywhere, even in small towns, and replacing them with meaningless shapes. (

  9. There are no moderate muslims. It is a myth. Muslims in small numbers are at your feet. Muslims in large numbers are at your throat.

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