Firearm Sales Surge Amid Terrorist Attacks – Dana Loesch

White House Argues for Gun Control Amid San Bernardino Attack

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5 thoughts on “Firearm Sales Surge Amid Terrorist Attacks – Dana Loesch

  1. Dana sez, charge the would be terrorists coming into this country…I druther not let 'em in to start with.

    Funny thing…those gun stores…maybe the people running them should be running some customers
    off. Profiling? You betcha!

  2. Our President said it himself. "we are fighting a BARBARIC group of extremis". what more info dose a person need? BARBARIC GROUP. the don't care about you or your family… We are a Nation at War with a Barbaric people. Do you want to be a setting duck??

  3. Every time a Democrat speaks on these issues, they always seem to take a firm stance against the Right (not a privilege) to bear arms and the Right (again, not a privilege) to due process. These are our natural Rights outlined and defended by the US Constitution. They are the very fiber of America. The Bill of Rights outlines the bare minimum of what an American citizen is guaranteed. That list is to be added to, not detracted from. I'm sorry but anyone who has a problem with Americans living as Americans should really consider checking out real estate prices somewhere else. They're never going to be happy here.

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