9 thoughts on “ISIS “will soon pose a Threat to the United States”

  1. This whole terrorism deal is just like the communist scare.  If it weren't for the Bush administration obsessing over 9/11 for 8 years we wouldn't be so concerned.  Your odds of dying in a car accident are of many orders of magnitude greater than being killed by terrorism.  Did Bush mention that once, ever?  No he told the people to be afraid, very afraid.  Osama is coming to get you!

  2. No more fucking war.  North Korea has threatened to nuke is several times, should we invade them?  We need to stay the hell out of it, stop spending all my damn tax dollars on the other side of the world.  These are the same damn people who hyped the Iraq war and that created the opportunity for ISIS to invade Iraq.

    More people die of gang violence than at 9/11 every six months.  They act like terrorism is our biggest problem.  Our real problems lie in our own government and nation.  If we stop fucking with the rest of the world we won't be such a big target.  

  3. The world is in a new era. Age of major deception, and major ignorance. Leaders of deception are counting on the leaders of ignorance to gain more and more momentum, power and control. It's not too late to wake up, get up open our eyes. The TRUTH is revealing itself for those that are looking for it… Can America see it? Are our leaders so arrogantly pious in their ignorance and price to see the obvious. Yes America and every nation with freedom is at risk already. We defend our physical borders… not it's time to defend all borders of all countries of freedom from offenders of freedom and peace believing peoples. Get to it.. It's time for 0 tolerance to be announced on all social media as well as mainstream news by policy makers. We need to be united and not divided and in God we trust the Truth to set the captives free. Be bold, strong and the Lord our God will be with us. Their God is not the same as our God… They will only realize who the God of Moses is, by seeing Him revealed through Love of TRUTH and Truth of what love is. Reverend fear of God to be obedient to the 10 commandments. Get things in proper Perspective and stop the innocent from being murdered, tortured, martyred. Or we will have it on our doorstep if you wait too long..@LivingSweeter~ BoniLou

  4. The threat to America is already within, look at your leaders even they have no idea what this country is getting into. America's enemy are those behind the scenes that no Americans clearly know, but back through the government (regardless of Republican and Democratic).

  5. Let the NappyHeaded maternal fornicators take care of business……All they need is more opium like the opposition

  6. ISIS isn't planning on attacking America any time soon. How do I know this? Recently two American members of ISIS were killed on the front lines in Syria and a few months ago another ISIS American blew himself up driving a truck bomb. If ISIS were planning an attack on America they wouldn't be sacrificing their American members or putting them on the front lines, for various obvious reasons. I think for now at least they just want to create the Caliphate, and if they survive that then maybe someday when things settle down they'll start planning an attack on America.

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