Jihad on Our Doorstep: Inside the Minds of Jihadis in Syria and Iraq

In a fully packed hall, the Henriette van Lynden lecture ‘Jihad on Our Doorstep: Inside the Minds of Jihadis in Syria and Iraq’ by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held on Thursday, 25 September 2014 in de Rode Hoed, Amsterdam.

Eye-witness report from the frontline by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad [0:7:00]
Discussion on the appeal of IS to foreign fighters by Shiraz Maher [0:22:15]
Implications for Western foreign policy by prof. Edwin Bakker [0:37:36]
Panel discussion on Western foreign policy, moderated by Ernesto Braam [0:53:15]
Audience Q&A moderated by Ernesto Braam [1:02:40]

Mr. Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
Iraqi journalist with the Guardian, who has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya. He has been taken hostage by the Taliban. He is also a photographer for Getty Images and his photographs have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, among others.

Dhr. Shiraz Maher
Expert on radicalisation at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King’s College London. As a former extremist, he is currently researching the development of Salafi-jihadi ideology, and jihadist organisations in the broader Middle East.

Prof. Edwin Bakker
Director of the Centre for Terrorism & Counterterrorism and professor at the University of Leiden. As a renowned terrorism expert, prof. Bakker regularly appears in the media, such as Nieuwsuur and Pauw&Witteman.

Mr. Ernesto Braam
Strategic policy advisor at the North Africa and Middle East department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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7 thoughts on “Jihad on Our Doorstep: Inside the Minds of Jihadis in Syria and Iraq

  1. the sunni muslims have no one to protect them as u see in libya lebanon iraq nigera mali c.a.r sudan n all the arab countries  china mayamaar  in the caucauses in russia in india to n u.s.a withits puppet dictators n drones n wars in iraq n afghanistan n last but not least in isreal where the eastern european converts to judaism rule n make up about 96 percent of those who follow judaism n note i did not say jews cause are a people from the tribe of juddah  they are the true jews n only make up 6 percent of isreal this is why we call them invaders europe thought it could get rid of thr european problem by giving them palestine  because these eastern european khaazar follows of judaism rule europe usa isreal austrailia canada etc it dont give them the right to rule the world lool n they wont theses are the reasons islamic state has support the west has kill millions of muslims so islamic state cannot compare to the terror of the west

  2. Mr baker says we should talk with ISIS,
    who does he think he is?
    assad is responsible for 250.000 killed poeple wich 125.000 women children men,
    the nation syria is completeley destroyed and the guy says assad is bether than ISIS?
    Im not saying that ISIS is bether but assad killed more than ISIS,
    if I said we should stop fighting against Hitler and work together against stalin?
    wath would Mr baker say? he would be furious he would say how dare you!

  3. the first speaker was the most wise men that knows the entire syria Iraq problem,
    I almost agree with him on every point,
    only 1 point,
    namely that an iraqi general said we wont let the islamists take over,
    first of al the the personal generals of abu baghdady are soscialists from the baath party that were the personal generals of sadam huseyn an soscialist baathist,
    and how horible ISIS is we all know,
    but assad is one of the greatest mass killer of the 21sth century,
    and sadly the west didnt interveen,
    but ISIS that killed 100 times les poeple? than the west has send F16s?
    I hope that every ISIS member wil perish!
    but wath frustrates me and alot of muslums is why wont the west bomb an even worse killer assad?
    can anyone tel me?

  4. Lets get real. USA BUSH & OBAMA, like NUKES, USA are the only ones who kill with DRONES. ONLY MUSLIMS get to be killed by DRONES approx. 5000 Drone DEAD MUSLIMS. USA has been attacking ISLAM since THOMAS JEFFERSON attacked Libya. Remember the USA Marine chant, "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of TRIPOLI:In order to RULE the world, Sec. Clinton says USA has DNA for global Leadership, echoed by KERRY; world dominance means killing daily in multiple locations. USA has boots on the ground in 150 nations 1000 USA military bases World-wide. remember the recent torture report, did you read it? It says 54 nations torture for CIA money & secret prisons.Thousands of Private contractors killing for MONEY. Profits drives the USA endless wars, that need endless oil, needs your endless tax money,but mostly needs YOUR endless FEAR,therefore NDAA,Homeland Security,6000 USA domestic military facilities,a war economy since Pres. Truman and his BOMB. USA world domination is the problem,Lets get real.

  5. Was hoping Bakker would give us some examples of policies to implement, and to what ends, in his presentation. He said 'Sometimes we just have to go in.' But he said he has no idea what to do there or what the solution is, so what happens when you send Dutch fighters in? Probably not many objectives will be accomplished politically and some Dutch and middle easteners will die.

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