Joint Russian/NATO exercises on mock terrorist attack

1. Wide shot Russian-NATO joint anti-terrorist exercise, with teams training to deal with fire at chemical plant
2. Mid shot smoke
3. Fire engines arriving
4. Mid shot foam being poured on the ground
5. Various rescue workers and vehicles
6. Various of exercise
7. Wide shot plane pouring water
8. Officials watching exercise
9. Rescue teams at work
10. Mid shot man putting out fire
11. Ambulance
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Brown, US Federal Emergency Management Agency:
“Our observers who attended the demonstration today, and the exercise throughout the week, have seen that all the European countries which participated, and the Russian teams which participated, all have a very high degree of excellence and proficiency, and there are things here that the United States can learn. I think that we will learn from our observations.”
13. Wide shot press briefing
14. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Sergei Shoigu, Russian Minister for Emergency Situations:
“It’s hard to say unequivocally that any country has enough strength to deal with major emergencies on its own. I would say not a single state is capable of dealing a major emergency situation, especially if a chemicals are involved.”
15. Various of anti-terrorism training


Several dummy explosions rocked a mock-up chemical factory in Russia on Friday — part of a three day NATO-sponsored training exercise designed to test the readiness of Russia to deal with a terrorist attack.

The explosion sent balls of flame and acrid black smoke into the air – and within minutes, dozens of fire and rescue crews were at the scene, battling the blaze with planes, helicopters and armored vehicles.

About 1200 fire and rescue workers from Russia, several NATO countries and former Soviet republics took part training at the an Emergency Ministry base in Noginsk, about 68 kilometers (42 miles) east of Moscow.

A mock-up of a chemical factory was built at the base, to train emergency worker how to deal with incidents involving toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Russia provided the bulk of the emergency crews and equipment for the exercise, which was organized under NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.

Teams from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Austria, Iceland, and Poland also took part, along with crews from former Soviet republics Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The United States did not directly participate in the exercises at Noginsk, but sent about 30 observers from the Defence Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other branches of the US government.

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