JOSHUA advanced threat detection platform

JOSHUA – The World’s Most Advanced Early Warning And Threat Detection Platform

JOSHUA’s joint agency response system and threat intelligence platform provides an innovative, centralised command and control system. JOSHUA expands early warning and detection capability, to increase safety in cities, at vulnerable sites and iconic structures, whilst responding faster to threats such as terrorism, cyber-crime, by saving life and swiftly returning to normality.

The JOSHUA Platform provides World 1st, state of the art, CBRNe Sensor capability, cyber threat detection and artificial intelligence.

Highly secure, encrypted, resilient and reliable, JOSHUA provides a proactive solution against crime and terrorism by helping law and security agencies identify and disrupt criminal planning processes, apprehend perpetrators, and prevent attacks. Security-related incidents and suspicious activity reports are collected and aggregated in JOSHUA Reporting and integration with external systems. The data is then analysed to identify threats and larger patterns of activity. Controlled policies and rules, threat information is securely shared with those who need to know.

The JOSHUA Platform saves time to investigate, utilising less resources and therefore reduced costs in responding to terrorist attacks. By hardening the surveillance and threat detection capability and implementing the JOSHUA sensor networks, the technology offers improved utilisation of resources in Police, Security and Intelligence agencies.

JOSHUA’s advanced analytics detects, analyses and reports on threats, suspicious and illegal activities and provides earlier intervention and response to terrorist attacks and violent crimes.

The system has been developed by multi-agency operational and tactical counter- terrorism advisors, and their partner agencies. JOSHUA is a bespoke service sponsored by academics and space technology agencies.

JOSHUA assists first responders by providing relevant, reliable and robust intelligence to combat extreme threats and terror now, and in the future.

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