36 thoughts on “junjou terrorist

  1. Miyagi and Shinobu are the best in my opinion. It is a shame they didn't appear so much in the anime. I'd prefer them to Misaki and Usagi ^.^

  2. It is Shigeaki Kato singing at 1:09 and then Ryo Nishikido… the three of them sing the song. Unfortunately Roy Nishikido has left NEWS but you can listen to him in Kanjani8.

  3. ah, just wondering, is this song tegoshi's solo? somehow i think i heard another person's voice here..(like around 1:09….it sounds like another person 0.0…)

  4. i am an ANIME FREAK -sob sob – my parents say im a mistake and they dont care 🙁 -falls to knees and screams- why!!!!!!?????? -tears stream down my face- GAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

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