Meeting ISIL 2 (PressTV goes deep inside the terrorist group)

Everyone who is not us is the enemy and should be branded as infidel. This seems to be the prevailing ideology of the extreme Takfiri terrorists known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Their aim is said to be the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. Shias, Christians, Sunnis, Yazidies, and whomsoever who dares to question them or raise his voice of dissent are persecuted under their highly distorted version of Islamic Sharia. Gruesome beheadings, crucifixions and mass executions are openly carried out under their iconic black flag which is more like a modern day equivalent of a Jolly Roger. At times, it seems like their victims are whoever who is unlucky enough to be in their path during their killing sprees. And yet they know how to manipulate social media and have succeeded in brainwashing some to join them in their “fight for justice”.

To learn who these people are, what they are fighting for, and who funds them, PRESS TV goes deep into their camps and brings you face to face interviews and exclusive footage. Many of those who were initially infatuated by the group’s promise of justice seem to be horrified and utterly disillusioned today.

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22 thoughts on “Meeting ISIL 2 (PressTV goes deep inside the terrorist group)

  1. 5 seconds in and im wondering why the fuck they blurred the faces of the isis fighters ??? who gives a shit about their safety..


  3. هذوله انتو في سوريا يمكن اكو فرق بيناتكم يمكن انتو تصرفاتكم غير شكل مع المواطنين ولاكن كلاب الموجودين في العراق مجرمين ولا عدهم رحمه لا مع الطفل ولا نساء ولا الشيوخ ولا مع الاسرى انتو تحكون مع الاسرى وسامحتوهم وتعطفون على الفرق ولاكن في العراق يقتلون ويذبحون بدون سؤال وجواب داعش في العراق شوهو سمعة الاسلام ودين محمد لان في كل الاديان حرم قتل الاسرى كل الناس يعرفون وبين الهم اكو فرق كبير بين جبهة النصره وداعش في العراق الله ينتقم من داعش واعوانهم ومن يساعدهم ويساندهم شفنا اكثر من فديو من جبهة النصره طبعهم جيد مسامحين يرحمون اي شخص يعتقلو ليسى مثل داعش الحقير الله يلعنهم دنيا واخره

  4. Obama giving his speech on chemical weapons.Pulling at heart strings speaking of the causalities.."Men women children lying in rows gasping for breath, a father grasping his dead child willing him to breathe …. a crime against humanity and a violation of the rules of war"
    Yet Obama backs and finances chemical attack on Palestinians, white phosphorous is a chemical weapon, Israel uses it on civilians, women and children. Fathers there also hold their dead children willing them to breathe. 

    According to a recent Congress report, Israel is the country that has received more cumulative American aid than any other country since the end of World War II.
    Since it began in 1962, American military aid to Israel has amounted to nearly $100 billion. For the past decades the United States has been regularly transferring aid of about $3 billion annually. In recent years, the aid has been solely for defense purposes.

    The UK and USA will not pay for hostage release. Continental nations, including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, have directly paid ransoms to hostage-takers.  Yesterday David Cawthorne Haines the most recent captive of ISIL was beheaded,  yet they offer the biggest reward, $25 million for Ayman Al-Zawahiri, founder of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.
    The USA and UK say they will not fund terrorism…. ?

  5. I just can't help myself from hating Muslims Fanatics, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi for destroying Syria & Iraq the greatest country in the Middle east.. Syria and Iraq gave a lot to the Palestinian cause and helped educate the rest of the Arabic world.. God Bless Syria and the Syrian Army and death to these Muslim Fanatics

  6. These are absolute animals, it really shows the nature of Islam and the effects it has. We need to rally together as a race and put down this barbaric and violent religion once and for all.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that they decry imperialism and want a Shari state BUT use the infidel Windows! Good to see they have avast and McAfee installed too, I guess Muhammad does not protect you against viruses and malware.

  8. Thanks for the first hand information. Not so many news agencies is willing to take the risk to do this kind of job nowadays, especially the American MSM.

  9. @Azamspazam91 Vice documentary was weak – like an advert for ISIS, had to be to get access, no deep info / research on history of group. Vice known for shock value, cannibal warlords. ISIS media team totally had Vice in their palm. See Part 1 of this documentary, pulls no punches, plus this seems older before many now famous atrocities carried out.

  10. The intellectual dishonesty is blatant here. If you want to know how bad ISIL is, watch the documentaries by VICE, not this garbage by Press TV (Iranian propaganda.)

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