11 thoughts on “Nice France BASTILLE DAY MASSACRE – Nice France terrorist attack #PrayForNice #NiceFrance

  1. Religion of peace was never a religion of peace the government is letting this happen and letting more imagants In there all radical

  2. Part of the reason for these attacks is due to America's (and other countries) inaction in tackling ISIS head on. This evil should have been eradicated years ago. On the other side of the coin America's insistence on creating a One World Capitalist System governed by them under their laws and religions does not help either. I feel other cultures should be respected and not be forced to change their ways to fit the Western way of life. Nation States must remain that way until they decide they want change. In the meantime such terrible scenes as we have seen in Nice are likely to continue. My sincere condolences go out to the relatives and friends of those innocent people who died in Nice.

  3. Maybe the terrorist want to destabilize Europe and create an Islamic state of it…their holy book (said loosely ) actually instills the spirit of violence ..the term Islam means to summit..so people in Europe are being threatened and terrorized to summit to it..look on the political Islam website or UTube vids…very informative…

  4. To answer your question on why these people keep killing people, they are currently fighting a global Jihad, a holy war. They are out to convert everyone to Islam or kill the infidels. Now these people do not represent all Muslim's of course but they are indeed Muslim. Even if they represent 5% of Islam, there are billions of Muslims in the world.


    Religion of peace strikes again. How long do muslims think the world will put up with this shit? The only people who are killing over "god" are backward thinking muslims.

  6. I honestly think the United nations have planned to thin out the human population with fake terrorist attacks and the Iraqis are just escape goats

    Think 7 billion people and rising

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