36 thoughts on “President Trump To Unleash The CIA Drones

  1. Vin Armani's live stream today has me thinking they may have used a drone in Vegas. He makes some really good points.

  2. I agree Robert this is carrying on the Bush war to take down the rest of the Middle east for the expansion of Israel . Saudi Arabia is the worst of all the ME nations . But they keep the Industrial Military Machine going spending billions on weapons .

  3. Trump,. being a Zionist Puppet will not be re-elected. He is wasting our money and lives for the Aggressions of the Illegal Rogue State of Israel. We have NO benefit supporting them ONLY LOSSES.

  4. Why aren't the drones under the control of the military? Why does the CIA need drones? They are "counter intelligence"!

  5. We need to invoke massive anti war demonstrations the likes of which have never been seen before. I am a die hard Donald Trump supporter but if he keeps up this aggressive military policy ill drop him like a bad habit!

  6. When are you finally going to come to the realization that Trump is not the man he presents himself as? How much betrayal is too much? How big of a fool are you?

  7. This was, to my ears, a masterpiece of speech. Thank you Liberty Report for helping the lot of us keep our bearings in the chaotic news flow.

  8. Trump is like all US presidents, a 33rd degree satanic freemason. Just playing games! Time to arrest the US Deep State!

  9. It looks like the objective may be to get Rothschild's central banking systems into all countries on earth.  Anyone else see that as a possible objective?  After all, they do say "all wars are bankers' wars."

    And there is this confession by Gutle Schnaper Rothschild:


    And, of course, the other objective seems to be bankrupting the United States, so they may bring about their one world monetary system, etc.

    The Americans don't want that, however.  We want peace and prosperity instead.  Some of us are intelligent enough to know separation of power is important because "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Like this confession regarding the "luciferian" hobbies of the current globalist banking "elite."

  10. just going to say peaceful protests what have they done for anyone please send me a document of any that worked and dont say india they had no guns look it up… stop dreaming the pen starts the war does not win them… weapons win wars sorry but all those saying otherwise is trying to keep the way it is… just remember penn state and their peaceful protest in the 60s or the blacks what did you get second class after dogs and water cannons peace got nothing. burning chicago got more done then 5 years of peaceful protest did

  11. Daniel, thank you for your coverage of the destructive and counterproductive US drone program. Loved your closing comments.

  12. It's amazing to see Daniel of his own. I can further understand why Daniel and Ron have come together. Thank you for having this channel.

  13. So guess he's following right in oblamas footsteps there. Maybe he'll get the Nobel Peace prize for killing 1000s of people with the drones as well. What a JOKE ALL OF THEM ARE.

  14. These wars are criminal. Let the kings duel to the death. Every soldier should stand down. The whole damn world should 'go Galt' on these bastards, who are not intelligent enough to program, design, build, grow, or defend anything without our help.

  15. I voted for Trump in expecting him to go after the Federal Reserve but he lied. No more bad talk about Yellen or the Fed. No longer are jobs reports phony. No longer is there a big fat ugly stock market bubble but 25% higher he brags about it. BIGGEST FRAUD EVER!

  16. Trump is a fraud. He won't go against the Federal Reserve – he made a pact on night of election as stock futures fell more than 4% upon him being elected. Everyone should know this. Just how did the market get manipulated up since? Think hard.


    Diligent investors are getting killed, middle class crushed from wider wealth divide causing higher cost of living. America is going down fast now.

  17. America is number one most hatted country in the world ,israel is number 2 most hatted,,and BB looked like a True Bolshevik /another Genrikh Yagoda ..Trump who i voted for is making a fine puppet for these israel communist who are destroying israel and America ..!!!

  18. I forgot the precise figure but for every person that Murica kills (mostly Civilians by the way) with its illegal Drone strike about 20 people take up Arms against Murica, how the fuck it this ever going end well for the Murican people.
    Very soon the average Murican won't be able to leave US soil for a Holiday or travel on Business because they will be a such a high value target for kidnap or execution even in Europe with all the free movement policy ect, its only a matter of time if things continue on.

  19. terrorists are terrified of drone strikes..bring em on! hamid karzai begged for drone strikes to stop cuz his boys were getn burnt..mount lasers to drones…lets GO!!!

  20. It appears as if the powers that be need, to create "bad guys" to keep the economy moving. Terrorists for the military industrial complex and criminals for the police and justice systems.

  21. Okay I love Ron Paul but I can disagree with him on some things. You see to me Libertarianism and Nationalism is staying out of Conflicts that are not our problem and not a threat to us. So Conflicts with Syria and Russia are not our Problem therefore we should stay out!!! But North Korea and Radical Islamic Terror is a direct threat to the USA they our Problem therefore I have no Problem destroying things that are a Direct threat to us and using Military Power to do so!!! Does that mean putting Boots on the Ground No!!! But using Bombs and Drones Against them I 100% support!!!

  22. "Will this new "counterterrorism" strategy create more terrorists than it kills?" Of course. Its meant to. The US needs enemies to survive. A sedated nation lead by some truly evil people.

  23. great program Daniel! many thanks to you and Dr.Paul who while I'm no Libertarian, very proud of you anti-imperialist/anti-militarist/deep state stances and anti-Prohibition. great stuff!

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