38 thoughts on “Professional Dancer Takes on SAS Training | SAS: Who Dares Wins

  1. I swear the show mocks the SAS. The things they are asked to do and the tasks aren't even close to the actual standards, they're so far off its almost embarrassing. The programme ends up harming the reputation of the SAS when you end up getting those "that looks well easy" twats sat at home watching the show. A real SAS member could probably do the show with one leg one arm and no eyes

  2. Sas the world has voted the best of the best and our American brothers vote the same as the sas train most of the special forces of the world, and if the doo gooders stop poking their noses into our beloved armed forces England would still be the most respected armed forces in the world.

  3. Passing SAS selection was the proudest moment of my life. Even more than when I became a SEAL. Being a seal was a pain in the arse. Especially trying to use cutlery. Or drive a car etc. :o/

  4. a million miles from the real selection, many parts of this televised selection does not even occur on real selection.

  5. We all know the sas are the best, and to be honest I think this documentary doesn't do them any justice because almost all recruits are ex army not regular joes…., anyway…I like to think that I'm a hard guy and that I can do what most can't, BUT… (FAIR PLAY) to these guys who have had a go…..Fuckin right!!!! It's so easy to be sat on a sofa giving it large etc…….I take my hat off!!!
    Thank you to our armed forces.

  6. Takes a special kind of person to be sas i did a dinghy test and got paid 50 quid just to get hypothermia had to sit in a lukewarm shower for about half an hour to sort out my core body temp. sas must be like that x3 half the time.

  7. As an English guy I'm fascinated by the SAS and the whole concept of it all, but I'm more intrigued about the level above the SAS called The Increment.

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