Talk Shit Episode #2 with Former Green Beret Mykel Hawke [12/14/2015]

Tactical Shit’s Talk Shit Show Episode 2 with Mykel Hawke

former Green Beret and reality TV badass, Mykel Hawke on episode 2 of Talk Shit with TJ from Tacitcal Shit

About Mykel Hawke:
Former Green Beret
Star of Man Woman Wild
Star of Elite Tactical Unit
Star of One Man Army
Author of
-Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual
-Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook
-Hawke’s Outdoor Survival Kit
-The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast
-In the Dark of the Sun: A Jake Tyler Thriller
-The Tactical Knife: A Comprehensive Guide to Designs, Techniques, and Uses

Host: TJ Kirgin
Video and Production: William Watson
A Danger Close Media Group Production

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19 thoughts on “Talk Shit Episode #2 with Former Green Beret Mykel Hawke [12/14/2015]

  1. Great dialogue.
    I will get shit for this but WTF.
    I am seeing a serious issue with America its funding and training of Arab rebels in proxy wars such as those during the Arab Spring. It is my understanding that ISIS began rather small in Iraq(something unlikely to have happened under Saddam Hussein) but grew rapidly through these civil uprisings in which America supported rebels to overthrow enemies such as Gaddafi, the Egyptian President and now Assad in Syria. ISIS gained massive numbers and sported US weapons from radicalized rebel fighters and this obviously grew massively during the Arab uprisings along with US funding and arming.
    By then ISIS has the power and numbers to become a significant problem and are well organized, funded(through the US despite saying they ONLY support "moderates"-come on, if guys here can claim they are SEALS I am sure people can claim they are whatever to get funding and arms.)
    Now, ISIS storms Iraq where, again, America has left billions in heavy weapons due to the cost of having to ship it back , and basically waltz through the US trained Iraqi army and walk off with serious fire power, all US made.
    Now ISIS is taking over huge swaths of land and oil fields/refineries and selling oil to…drum roll, nations that the US are friends with(cough cough Turkey). I amn not buying for a second that US intel has no clue which nations are buying all that oil but by now ISIS has caused too much trouble and become way too powerful and media savy the US is "officially" targeting ISIS while still funding "moderates" in Syria to take over Syria despite greatly playing down the fact.

    So, am I delusional? Has all of this not really happened? Seriously. Mr.Hawke is clearly a respectible and smart man who should know what is really going on there. I would like to hear his perspective because I am surprised he is not being more critical over this situation. The whole middle east and its wars has turned into a shit show bleeding tax payers trillions and ending up in the hands of bad guys and big corporations "rebuilding" these shit shows. Basically, it looks like America came, tore up a couple of countries that, while run by bad guys, at least were semi civil self contained nations, blew up everything all paid for by the tax payer then,again allpaid for by the tax payer, rebuilt under these massive contracts that I am sure some of these oil companies and others were already drooling over with their buddies in the White House.
    It looks to me like corporate welfare on a level beyond imagination devised under the guise of "being a patriot" and "going after the bad guy".
    Maybe I am wrong but I am right about the fact that a whole shit load of MONEY, trillions, has been taken from tax payers and given to companies and that is very very difficult to ignore.

  2. Damn. Great interview. Love The Hawke. I've had PTSD since childhood. I love the end segment on that. Panic attacks are a cunt.

  3. Lmao "we wanna make this show a little shorter than the one with Rudy" ends up half hour longer . Love the interviews man cool shit

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