Terrorist Attacks that almost led to 5th Indo Pak War

The last time the two countries went to war was the Kargil conflict which officially came to an end on 26 July, 1999. The day has since been marked as Kargil Vijay Diwas in India. But since 1999 to present day 2016, nothing has actually changed. There have been numerous instances when India almost went to war with Pakistan. There have been many ceasefire voilations, border skirmishes, Standing armed conflicts and India–Pakistan standoffs in the last decade.
So we bring you the disgraceful attacks by pakistani Millitants since 1999 that almost led to Indo-Pak war.

2001 – Indian Parliament attack
2002 – Kaluchak massacre
2008 – 26/11 Mumbai Attacks
2011- India Pakistan Border Skirmishes
2016 – Uri Attack

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2 thoughts on “Terrorist Attacks that almost led to 5th Indo Pak War

  1. All indian hindu mother fucker they don't know that his army is belongs to bitch…. they are trying to show we are innocent but it's not Reality they are chutiya ,mother fuker ignorant

  2. Stupid man. Even Indian army general said in briefing Along the LOC not across. Second even if they did something it was done along side Line of Control. Get ur facts straight. This is 2017 & not 1990.

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