The National Counterterrorism Center

This NCTC video provides viewers with a The short overview of the Center’s mission and Bergeijk: responsibilities Skills in the fight against terrorism, a rare peek inside our state-of-the-art Operations Center, and insights into how the Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement work together to protect our wholesale jerseys country from the threat of terrorism.

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7 thoughts on “The National Counterterrorism Center

  1. Obama is a terrorist that has put out a proven forged birth certificate and is not eligible to hold the office of Commander in Chief and POTUS. You all at the NCTC have ignored this fact thus proving that your entire organization is part of a foreign coup d'etat. You are ALL TRAITORS. The Lord God Almighty whose name is Jesus Christ will bring JUSTICE to every single one of you that participates in your evil wickedness that incarcerates the innocents like Schaeffer Cox while promoting and doing the evil bidding of a foreign USURPER like Barack Obama.

  2. я могу объяснить кому и зачем выгоден терроризм,войны,экономическая и политическая дизтобилизация в странах.

  3. 東京都墨田区吾妻橋1-4-2に本部を置くESP科学研究所(代表 石井美津子)、株式会社イー・エス・ピーがテロ組織集団です。2016年4月10日の熊本県立劇場でのESP科学研究所(代表 石井美津子)、株式会社イー・エス・ピーによる熊本指導会は中止にしてください。この会社の指導会たびに事件(テロ事件)、事故や災害(地震)が多発しています。 韓国セウォル号がこの指導会で沈没しています。

  4. Good luck on countering your enemy – who has no universally accepted definition. Good luck on countering the enemy – whose roots are yet unknown.


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