20 thoughts on “Top 7 Best U.S Special Forces!

  1. Air Force PJ'S have the same training as SEALS and Rangers and they have 2.5 years of training including medical school. They should be top 10 on ANY list.

  2. this video makes me wanna puke.. can you not do a little research before making a video? PJ'S have one of the highest drop out rates in the military and you say they aren't a special force? And why is everything compared to the show Deadliest Warrior?

  3. You know that the Pararescue are the ones that end up saving anyone that is hurt to include SEALS, Green Beret, Delta Force and more so I'd say that they aren't as recognized as the Counter-Terrorist and hostage rescue groups but do deserve their recognition.

  4. I think all special forces countdowns are unfair because each special forces is made for a specific job. So people arguing that delta force is better than navy seals, and people saying green berets are better than devgru. In the end, they all do different jobs, and most importantly they are all on the same side. So anyone who faves any of them is gonna have a bad day

  5. All I know is the navy seals should be number 1 not because I want to be one when I'm done with school they have one of the most hardest training in the world.

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