Trump: Saddam Hussein “Was So Good” At Killing Terrorists – The Ring Of Fire

Donald Trump had a ton of praise to heap onto Saddam Hussein, and he clearly needs a quick history lesson before praising a brutal, deadly dictator.  But it does give us a decent glimpse into the mind of a psychopath.

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Transcription: Donald Trump the day after the 4th of July, America’s Independence Day, where we celebrate freedoms and all great things American, the day after that Donald Trump heaped a ton of praise onto Saddam Hussein. Take a look.

“Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. He was a bad guy. Really bad guy, but you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read ’em the rights. They didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism. You want to be a terrorist you go to Iraq. It’s like Harvard.”

In typical Donald Trump fashion, no real substance there. Just a lot of the same buzzwords like, “He did a good job. A real good job. Good job. Good guy,” for killing terrorists, allegedly. This is according to history of Donald Trump’s own personal psychosis because I don’t there’s anyone on this planet who would think that Saddam Hussein actually did a good job of killing terrorists. He did a great job of killing people that he was oppressing. For example, the time he gassed 5,000 Kurds. Murdered them, because that’s what Saddam Hussein was. He was a murderer. He was an oppressor. He was, by all accounts, by all definitions, a dictator. Hey, to Donald Trump, that’s perfectly cool as long as you’re killing people that you consider to be terrorists because they don’t like your oppressive ways.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has heaped such praise on to Saddam Hussein. He did the same thing back in February. What Trump does not understand is that Trump’s own policies, his words, his ideas, are what is helping to create more terrorism around the planet. In fact, Donald Trump’s own speeches have been featured in ISIS recruitment videos. Hillary Clinton said that on the campaign trail and PolitiFact rated that as true. Donald Trump really has no ground to stand on when he talks about terrorism, or dictators, or anything like that, because when it comes to those issues, Donald Trump really is the number one recruiter for global terrorism.

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31 thoughts on “Trump: Saddam Hussein “Was So Good” At Killing Terrorists – The Ring Of Fire

  1. saddam hussein is a great man you americans think you are a free nation hahah the american dream hahah my ass y'all a bunch of puppets controled by jews israel zionist

  2. trump was on the right..
    Saddam Hussain was really powerful leader that kept Iraq in side all safe and did what he do best to nock down who ever comes to try demolish Iraq and Iraqi territory now our days we see Iraq fall in with ISIS and more and more of bombing and suicide trucks and also terrorist who kills innocent people..
    that what we live in it's Iraq
    and we love to see only if one hope rising from all this crashes!!

  3. this motherfucker reporter fucking dick head Saddam was good guy and he was good at to kill terrorists that is wright what you want to lie fuck crack head cock sucker shut your dirty mouth that look like toilet you fucking pathetic ,if he was not good a guy why there is today terrorists in the world and when he lived there where not ? can you answer that question dick head ? bla bal bal bla hahaha and he said he gassed Kurd com on man hahahah Saddam never killed and gassed Kurd , but Kurd and iran where the once who assassinated him lets be honest fucking idiot cock sucker we all know that you are there with money like spreed lies but no body accepts Saddam died and world worth-ed this kind of situation that Americans organized during assassinating Saddam and that means that Isis them selves where JEW AND USA mission fuck you dick head ,what Donald trump saying is true 100% and fuck your mother suck my cock hahahahah

  4. Saddam had plans to develop his nation and make it powerful to resist attacks but guess what
    fucking US intervention destroyed the worlds oldest civilization

  5. whaat killing kurd is a good job killing 5 thousend kurd in just 2 hourrr ha good job and know kurdistan peshmarga are fighting isis yeess but we will never forget mr. dictator germany who gave the chemical bomb to iraq to fight with kurd haa and know you are talkining about right you are talking about humen right…… saadam hussein…. kiling 5 thousend people in 2 hour destroing 500 hundred village in 2 hour and all this with europian hellp ha making kurdistan 4 parts is good……. syces picot agremant who kild kurdish people heart…. but dont forget kurds wake up very well now and from zero to hero….

  6. I can tell your a snake go back into the hole you came from I am gonna expose your entire race you all have something obvious to know you by I am gonna blow the lid on it soon

  7. Saddam was a secularist.
    He was a progressive.
    He believed in pan-arabic unity (the recognition of all Arab people as part of the same basic ethnic/cultural group).
    He was a revolutionary similar to communist and socialist revolutionaries like Castro and Guevara.

    He fought against the religious extremists in Iran in order to stop them from spreading their power across all the arab world.
    He invaded Kuwait because they were oil barrons who siphoned oil from Iraq and drove down the price of oil leaving Iraq unable to rebuild after war.

    He viewed the Kurds as threats to his nation/movement and did the same sort of thing that all governments do when at war.

    Few people understand who Saddam was.
    He was not an Islamist.
    He and Bin Laden were not in cahoots.
    He was a dictator.

    But he's not just a megalomaniacal despot.

    He very much believed in his cause and yes, like all military leaders, committed atrocities.

  8. Saddam Hussein, I love you so much and may have been my brother was from America America killed my brother after your death I love you so much you saved the Arabs from captured America's love

  9. So many stupid comments saying he's right, so just saying Sadam killed his own people if they didn't like him and they expressed it and also he was a enemy of the U.S and many other ally countries. And trump wants to support this lunatic? We need to check that idiot into a mental Institution not the white house, because if he supports that way over half of America will be gunned down by this duck.


    Shut your white whore mouth you imperialist bootlicking brainwashed vapid bald headed bastard. You need to be gassed.

  11. i think saddam did a good job …at least most times …and even if he is viewed as a dictator .. the country was much much muchhhhh better with him ….and the gasing of kurds is actually propaganda from iran and Israel

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