Trump Shuts Down War Crimes Office As Civilian Deaths Balloon

TYT Politics Producer & Contributor Emma Vigeland ( discusses that Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State under Donald Trump) is planning to shut down the war crimes office.

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48 thoughts on “Trump Shuts Down War Crimes Office As Civilian Deaths Balloon

  1. Emma-
    You said Bush was worse than Obama?
    I think you meant Trump.
    Personally, I could not tell you who was worse between Obama and W.Bush…

  2. Please, that office was punishing honest hard working soldiers. Redesign the mission of the office and then reinstate it. It's current form is insulting to the armed services. How about some real news please?

  3. And we wonder why the Middle East refers to us as The Great Satan? We empower their 'American friendly leaders' (Iran), manipulate the outcome of their neighbor wars by supplying them with weapons to defeat (Saddam Hussein in the Iran- Iraq war), come to the aid of invaded oil counties (Kuwait), then attack Iraq, kill its leader under false pretenses.
    The pattern of US involvement in the Middle East is erratic, without order or vision. No wonder Trump is popular among Republicans. He allows the military to continue on the insane 'control' at any cost (to the taxpayers) ideology because WE are the greatest nation on earth? Great at what? Destroying under the guise of bringing democracy? No. Destroy to keep the 'greatest nation Lie alive' to the US while nations live with the reality of what we really bring: death: chaos.

  4. So…let me guess, there is NO Govt. excess in your mind, right? If you were in charge where would YOU start cutting on Govt. largess and bureaucracy? NO where right? THEN YOU PAY FOR IT. I refuse to keep paying for every single ENTITLEMENT YOU LIBITARDS DEMAND.

  5. We are being groomed like worker insects to pay for WAR and making Trump's rich coterie RICHER THEN EVER. Civil liberties being dismantled, civil society being trashed, the environment, education, health, the internet, etc. etc. all up for sale to the highest bidder.

  6. then we need to UN to interveine and sanction us. I hate the idea but fuck our country is run by war crimminals.

  7. well guys the more these things happen, the more middle of the road people realise something is amiss. if I think about it too much, the god of anger reigns, then I am just tit for tat. be wary of the dark souls, but not afraid, be willing to look behind sad eyes and see the need.

  8. Our leaders are psychopaths with no feelings or compassion for those they hurt – whether its killing them by not supplying them with proper healthcare or bombing their countries.

  9. If my parents, brothers, kids, best friend, grandparents, fiancé, etc. were killed by terrorist drones or bombs, I'd go looking for revenge too.

  10. Jews created the federal reserve and we've had nothing but war ever since. You blame the president when it's the jews. Thejews were freely killing the Slavic people by the tens of thousands. Then they wanted Germany and the Germans said not today and drove the Commie jews out of Europe and clean to Moscow where they came from, but somehow the jews blamed the Germans and said they just started a war for nothing. Then they said the Germans were gassing Jews but that has been proven a huge lie. No you know why the media media is ramping up the no news and  Trump and his tweets.

  11. Since he's already been given a whole other job, I wish that official would resign and come out against Trump and Tillerson for the vile monsters they both are.

  12. If there was any real Justice in this country trump, Obama and bush would all be rotting in a prison cell for their war crimes and disregard for the constitution. Every republican politician would be voted out of office for their "party over country" mindset, corporate democrats would be voted out of office in favor of real democrats.

  13. And how effective were they at holding the Obama administration accountable…though shuttering is obviously not the answer. Trump's admin is not shutting it down, the pentagon and military industrial complex are shutting it down. Under Hillary, we'd already have as many if not more civilian deaths.

  14. Trump said kill their families. Cruz said "let's find out if we can make sand glow" I can see the point of confusion

  15. Fewer of US (common people around the world) means more stuff for them (Nth of 1%, corporate "persons", etc.) There's method to our madman.

  16. meanwhile our generals are saying we are the most careful country with regard to "civilian lives", one said that if there are civilian lives at risk they "won't" go thru with an attack… a bald face lie.

  17. when your president/sec. of state shuts down the "war crimes office", you be assured your president/sec. of state is committing war crimes.

  18. Our last 6 presidents maybe 8 were great war criminals. Including Mass murderer Obama. Now they are all icons of America? The genocide in Vietnam? Cambodia? Timor? So its not only Boy Emperor Trump.

  19. This Crazy Lunatic is not bashing TRUMP over this current war strategy she is bashing our beloved military, because they now call the shots when it comes to the war against ISIS. She sure sounds like a Traitor to me.

  20. United States of America : Leader of the free world and spreader of Democracy and Human Rights all over the globe !

  21. Funny though or sad , am confused as to what to feel.. The fact that America has a war crime office or the fact that it's so ineffective nobody has being charged.. The obviously office doesn't why have it then.? might as well go on Rampage…

  22. If this doesn't spur some dread, worry, and disgust in you, please don't say shit to me about "But I'm really a good person at the end of the day." You're not! You only give a shit about who you see in front of you. Not all around you! And to those to afraid to do or say something, best do either or. Because the world is a lot bigger than we are! Or have you forgotten that in your zeal to keep what you have left? It wont be shit for an angry continent to take that all away with their nuclear fire! Don't you understand? Trump and his whole team, they got to go!

  23. Obviously, removing whatever constraints there were before is a horrible idea. I have only one problem with this report though. These numbers are a bit too vague just by themselves. Are we just supposed to assume these are all non-combatant civilians? After all, terrorist organizations are technically made up of civilians — civilian combatants. They're not technically considered 'soldiers' as they aren't fighting for any officially recognized government. Or, are we actually recognizing 'ISIS' as some sort of 'official government' now, and counting their fighters as 'soldiers'? I'm pretty sure most US citizens don't want our troops to be killing non-combatant civilians at all (especially women & children, teachers, doctors, hospital & emergency workers, etc.), if they can help it. But, just exactly who are they including as 'civilians' in these numbers? Is it strictly non-combatant civilians? Or, are they counting enemy combatants as well?

  24. Good. SJW's don't know shit about warfare. I'm happy they are being told to shut up. We didn't start this War, but damn it we will make sure it stays over there.

  25. Why are they wasting money on a war crimes office. This can be handled by the justice dept. and the military. Civilians are going to be killed in any war. If Obama treated the war on terror like a war ISIS would likely be destroyed by now.

  26. clearly this organization wasn't doing jackshit anyway. the United States is slaughtering people in 7 different countries

  27. I respect the work you and Jordan do, but am upset that you are not covering the murders associated with the Clinton Foundation, as well as the DNC lawsuit? Is there a reason for that????

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