7 thoughts on “Wardah Khalid on the Brussels terrorist attacks

  1. I think she has not visited the Middle East.! Funny, Why should authorities look at why some one Joins ISIS and not blending in. If some one is killing some one else, there is no negotiation ! Learn it lady. !

  2. 2200 years ago, the Romans coined a term for what is starting to happen- Furor Teutonicus. The berserkers are awakening. Fuck with them at your peril.

  3. Let me get this straight… "They" kill us of all races (black, white, asian. Jew etc..) Then we get sick and tired of being killed so we complain and were the bigots …. But they're not bigots we are – even though "they" are targeting people of different races/religions

  4. you fucking muslum cunt ! fuck you and your kind – lying shitpiles – deport yourselfs while your safe

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